Friday, April 18, 2014

Encore Patisserie @ Taman Desa

There are so many caf├ęs sprouting out around KL and some are great while others are just in it for the race. 

Whilst living in Melbourne, we would go for cakes and pastries every weekend. However now that we are back in KL the usual nasi lemak and chee cheung fun hits all the spots and no space for sweet stuff. 

Stumbled upon a post on my fb of a new cafe in town but this time not a coffee den but a patisserie. Encore Patisserie originates from Sydney if my memory serves me well. 

Whatever it is, didn't browse long enough at the selections as the Mille Feuille caught my attention straight away. Not gonna say much but if you don't try it you are definitely missing out on quality and real pastry. One of the owners showed us a way of eating it, slice the top half up and go thru layer by layer as cutting straight thru the pastry will just destroy the whole block of OMG cream.

One thing which is important with food is freshness. Everything still tastes, feels and looks fresh. 

New place to hang out!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vongole @ Chinoz BSC

 I've been patronizing Chinoz ever since KLCC days like more than 10 years ago. The same dish was great and served with real nice looking juicy clams.

Come 2014, this is what I get! Chilli padi fried lala tossed with pasta. I can't remember but the price was like RM38 or RM48. There were overcooked bits and the lala was just tiny. As if you just went to the pasar pagi and grabbed a bag full.

It was first day of CNY and the place was busy and I was starving. Can't wait for another plate to come. Ate half and never coming here again. 

Happy Lunar New Year!

Managed to catch a glimpse of the lion dance on the last day of CNY!

Special Plan Zone - Maxis

Got this on my phone few hours ago when I started checking on my Facebook. Called 123 and they said it's an error message caused by some glitch. However the guy on the phone said that it would not affect our billing or will there be any changes to our usual data plans. Will just have to wait till they fix the issue. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Garrett popcorn

I love caramel popcorns and not any fancy ones but just the ones you get at the cinema. Not too sweet but with crispy sweet bits on a popped corn. 

Finally after years of hearing and seeing the hype of this 'expensive' branded popcorn I decided to try whilst at Citylink last night. 

I bought a small pack of Caramel Crisp or crispy... Popcorn. SGD$ 5. Looks like a small bag.

That's about as much I can consume with my friend. It's toooooooo sweet. Feels like eating sugar but I know it's addictive. So not good for health esp with a family of inheritable diabetes. Argh the stress of looking and not being able to have more. 

There's actually quite a lot in such a small bag... I'm saying small cause I'm used to eating popcorn from a bucket bigger than my head... Hence my size. The corn  kernels must've been those mega huge and compact coated with sugar. Drop a few in hot water u prolly get hot sweet corn tea. 

Hardcore Kpop fans outside Korea - formula 1 Singapore Bigbang

It's amazing how Kpop fans are so crazy and pumped up way before a concert. I mean if u queued up for Metallica that would be understandable as they don't have concerts once or twice a year in the same location. Kpop bands and stars are constantly releasing new albums and holding world tours ( some say only Asia ) and there is no news that it will slow down.

Fans queue overnight or even a few nights under sun, rain, moon, cold and many have no chance to ease or buy more food/water cause they might lose their spots. This is quite unreasonable in 2013!!! 

Who is to blame for all this? Parents? Fans? Artists? Or the organisers?

Everyone plays a part in this. It would be great to have organisers take the first step in coming up with a better system in managing the fans who want to be right in front of the stage if it was a free standing one. Other than making the mostly younger generation queue overnight and endure the pain of getting UTI and starvation or even dehydration, why can't they start queuing maybe a few hours before the gates open. The organisers have the biggest say in all of these matters.

I'm sure even if they don't, the hardcore fans will still willingly queue up and sleep on the street just to be in front. It's so worth it for them I'm sure. But what about safety and health reasons? If only all the fans were as dedicated to life priorities as this. 

I would love to be at the front of the stage too but I wouldn't queue up at 10 pm to a concert that starts at 11pm the next day. You would be so freaking tired and exhausted from the weather and fatigue. Exactly my experience at the G dragon concert although I didn't queue but I got up early and arrive in the morning for an 8 pm concert. I was exhausted by the time I got to my seat. 

Pity them too especially the ones queuing last night for the Big Bang concert for Formula1 Singapore. Picture was at 10pm and till 11.15pm, I hope they can still physically and mentally enjoy the concert! Real VIPs!!!

Update from my friend Karen: 1:30pm their queuing at the barricaded lines and definitely no chance of peeing unless u make peace with all those behind u!
Hope no body faints!

BigBang, with all the support of your fans, please never ignore what they do to support you. Without them you will be nothing.