Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A day in a life of a Bank relationship manager

This might not apply to many lucky RMs out there but this is how serious I take my job. 

First then when you open your eyes...

Check phone for any messages or missed calls
Read news related to industries less favored
Think of excess and how to inform clients
Think of renewals and hope limits don't get suspended 
Think of ongoing crap that u left home for late last night
Think of whether you should drive or catch a train 
Think of any appointments you have for the day
Think of whether any of your clients have decided to default 
Think if your clients remembers to pay their dues on time
Think of what to wear to work 
Think of that payment didn't go thru
Think of that payment that went thru but u were suppose to intercept
Think of how your bosses feel
Think of your colleagues
Think of how to increase utilisation
Think of how to improve services
Think of how to communicate nicely to annoying clients 
Think of the shit that you have to clean every day anyway
Think of that phone call u want to avoid
Think of that text you wished you never read
Think of whether any of your clients might have disappear or just call it quits
Think of the people u need to rely on to get things moving 
Think of that pile of paper and files that just keeps getting higher
Think of the beach where you once enjoyed so much u had to go back to reality cause someone had to pay the bills
Think of the calls you need to log everyday
Think of the stupid ridiculous requests people asks of you
Think of all the reports you were meant to submit last month
Think of the bloody forms you need to ensure your client initials on every damn corner
Think of how you are gonna justify the sky falling down and it ain't gonna be clouds
Think of people who have created more shit to do just cause they needed to prove their existence 
Think of your parents, family and pets longing to just catch a piece of you but you come home all grumpy or it's past bed time
Think of dinner at supper hours
Think of no time to pee I'm gonna pee on my chair 
Think of bonuses, incentives
Think hard when can you bloody leave for the damn block leave
Think of shutting off your phone just for that one hour 
Think of clean desk policy when clearly the floor is covered with files
Think big they say but all the big I can think of is a big headache
Think risks 
Think defaults
Think collateral and securities
Think main bank
Think of ten thousand log in passwords
Think of solutions when there is just none
Think of improving taichi master skills
Think of how to complain less and do more (tried and it doesn't come thru)
Think of the grass over the fence, most days it looks shittier 
Think of penalties, discounts, waivers, fees, charges, claims and bills
Think of additional facilities but get additional work instead 
Think of your future and realise it looks kinda bleak
Think of working from home but the damn wireless ain't working
Think of that support personnel who hates replying emails and they don't have a phone line
Think of account plans 
Think of renewals
Think of risky accounts and monitoring shit
 Oh my it's time to shut my eyes now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Foodtique @ Bangsar

I regularly eat at Foodtique so this post is really something which was quite a disappointing post. Too bad the bosses were not there and the waiter just stares  at you. 

I'm not commenting on their main menu as the food is quite good. But one morning I decided to try out the dim sum and maybe I expected the same quality and great tasting food.... I was disappointed and didn't even finish half of what we ordered 

Fried Prawn dumpling. Not crispy but has been fried twice. Hard crust. By the time you get to the fillings, scores already dropped. 

Steam meat buns. Worst I've had. The bun is hard and crusty as if steamed multiple times and the dough has given up. 

Radish cake, the only dish we ordered that had acceptable texture and taste. 

We did not enjoy our brunch on a Saturday. Won't come for dim sum anymore. Sticking to the main stuff. 

Maybe the chef was having a bad day, but ya whatever. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easecox Diamant

I wore this dress in June 2013, and I wore it again today. Till date my pinch nerve doesn't annoy me anymore and my back aches are relatively less than before.  Easecox works and there is no illusion or fake promises. My digestive system has improved tremendously and my body is more firm. 

No diet fads no supplement or pills. Just consistency and believe to take the dirt step to try. After all, we work so hard and end up forgetting ourselves, what's use of the money we make if not to improve our life and health. 

No obligation consultation in KL, email

 I don't know what pose this was but it seemed fit when this was taken hahaha! Was at the Easecox award night at Sunway Hotel! Spent 6 hours in the ballroom and was excited and entertained the whole time. That's 6 hours of work not done for catching up on my 9-9 job. Blek!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Encore Patisserie @ Taman Desa

There are so many caf├ęs sprouting out around KL and some are great while others are just in it for the race. 

Whilst living in Melbourne, we would go for cakes and pastries every weekend. However now that we are back in KL the usual nasi lemak and chee cheung fun hits all the spots and no space for sweet stuff. 

Stumbled upon a post on my fb of a new cafe in town but this time not a coffee den but a patisserie. Encore Patisserie originates from Sydney if my memory serves me well. 

Whatever it is, didn't browse long enough at the selections as the Mille Feuille caught my attention straight away. Not gonna say much but if you don't try it you are definitely missing out on quality and real pastry. One of the owners showed us a way of eating it, slice the top half up and go thru layer by layer as cutting straight thru the pastry will just destroy the whole block of OMG cream.

One thing which is important with food is freshness. Everything still tastes, feels and looks fresh. 

New place to hang out!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vongole @ Chinoz BSC

 I've been patronizing Chinoz ever since KLCC days like more than 10 years ago. The same dish was great and served with real nice looking juicy clams.

Come 2014, this is what I get! Chilli padi fried lala tossed with pasta. I can't remember but the price was like RM38 or RM48. There were overcooked bits and the lala was just tiny. As if you just went to the pasar pagi and grabbed a bag full.

It was first day of CNY and the place was busy and I was starving. Can't wait for another plate to come. Ate half and never coming here again. 

Happy Lunar New Year!

Managed to catch a glimpse of the lion dance on the last day of CNY!

Special Plan Zone - Maxis

Got this on my phone few hours ago when I started checking on my Facebook. Called 123 and they said it's an error message caused by some glitch. However the guy on the phone said that it would not affect our billing or will there be any changes to our usual data plans. Will just have to wait till they fix the issue.