Thursday, October 11, 2012

Changgo @ Lt. La Trobe St, Melbourne, Australia

Round 2 (or maybe 1240023) of mad dinners. I am no rubberband girl. Why is my husband bringing to these awesome places. A place where you can be over porked and still come back for more. I kid you not. A korean BBQ resto at its finest.

My blog is no longer Halal.

Please call up and make a booking if you don't want to sit in a Korean BBQ for 2 hours waiting for a table. You should already know what you would smell like or rather what you would do to your car seat after dinner.

First the teaser...condiments, sauces, kimchi and others.

Please make sure you eat the mushroom last cause it takes forever for it to be soft. I had to chuck it back several times cause I couldn't even bite into it. Finish the enoki's first.

Get ready for the Palsaik ( I am guess it is pat sik or 8 colour in canto same as in Korean )

I don't really need to type much anymore. You can literally taste with your eyes just like those wagyu posts earlier.

2 of us ate all of this but had to take away a whole slice cause it was just too much to handle. This meal of AUD 58.80 would easily fill the stomachs of 4 people and leave NO room for dessert unless you really eat heaps. We had steam rice you see.

Point to not: They do not answer their reservation lines 99% of the time. If you want to book, walk in and do it. Plus, no bookings for diners after 6.30pm.

Tips: The Palsaik set is good enough for 4 average people. We had 1.5x the set for 7 people and some other dishes and we were very full from it. Come in warmer weather cause there will be lesser people wanting to eat BBQs. 

Heard they are expanding soon!!!

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