Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shou Sumiyaki @ Lt. Bourke St. Melbourne, Australia

Back in Melbourne for the second time in 3 months. Sam brought me to this Shou Sumiyaki. We always walk pass it but never stopped to see what was really inside. Maybe cause during the day, its just dark from the outside. Anyway, went there for dinner and I am SOLD!

I usually can't pick the standard of food served in restaurants. If it's edible i'll just eat it, and if I don't really like it i'll just not return. However, this is too good not to share. 

Shou Sumiyaki - the website tells you more and I reckon 50% of the food menu is in there as well. 

Be prepared to spend about AUD 150 for 2 pax for food and alcohol. 

Please make a booking to avoid disappointment...for real!

Charcoal BBQ/Grill - 75% of the time the friendly and smiley staff would help with the cooking and flipping of foil wrapped food. Good! I don't need to burn myself.

They have a really cool bar for a wait out or a night of drinking. An extensive list of drinks from Beer, Sake, Umeshu to shots. Whatever you need. I love Melbourne for this.

My Asian version of Beouf Tartare...Wagyu Beef Yukke!!! Was really good. Texture was amazing and only AUD 9.50.

Some assorted sashimi and oysters. Not too bad. The oysters were something different.

A very non Halal - Pork Belly i'm supposing. Can't remember. Looks really fattening but wait till you grill it and put it in your mouth. 

The F-1 Black Wagyu - to die for again and again. I can eat this everyday. Needs no professional chef to enjoy the outcome. Heaven.

Ox tongue! Somehow its not as crunchy as others that I have tried. But nonetheless really good as well.

I am getting hungry looking at this at 2am. OMG! Must have more next month. Salivating...... Shou Sumiyaki on Urbanspoon

We visited this place again in 2013, and there were many cuts of Beef which were out of stock...Sad but its okay we still enjoyed our dinner and it never tasted better.

 This is enough marbling for a random dinner. I am in love.

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