Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dead Man Espresso @ Market St, South Melbourne

Back in Melbourne after a month of being away.

Had the usual 'omg what to eat' at 2pm on a Sunday.

Husband decided to surprise me with something new. He brought me to the Dead Man Espresso.

" After my visit, I have read bad reviews in the past weeks on Urbanspoon. But luckily when I was there, I was fortunate enough not to be greeted and treated that way. Although I wished they did not served everything at one go, cause either we had to let the scones go cold or our main brunches''.

Conclusion: Food was good and prices are reasonable. Service was normal. Weekend Menu review.

We had scones... not too bad unless you compared it with Ms.Marples...but that's like 50kms away.

I couldn't stop looking at my BLT - pork belly brioche 

The aroma of the pork belly is just to die for. I mean, I am not a real foodie but good stuff only gets me going. I eat to live. But I would take this over the Chinese version of pork bellies anytime. This is too good. The brioche/bread/pastry was soooooo good. I ran out of words other than it was DAMN GOOD!!!

 Ways to eat scones Vulture way.

Sam got the Camp fire breaky. Overall was quite good. Thumbs up for not being too oily. Thumbs up for the large portion.

Dead Man Espresso on Urbanspoon

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