Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kakureya Japanese Dining Bar @ Russell St, Melbourne

It's winter, and I felt like having some Japanese skewers aka Yakitori and also some Takoyaki. I just landed last night and needed some simple food. To me it's simple though. But I couldn't think of where I could have this. Took us 2 hours to figure out what to eat until we finally left the house and decided to just drive around Chinatown to see what tickles our fancy. Crossing from the carpark, we saw 2 girls standing outside a stairway with menu in hand. Looked up and wondered...hmm this looks new. 

I took their menu and had a look and lo and behold...this is a yakitori style restaurant. I mean, they have a one pager for yakitoris and also they have takoyaki. 

Conclusion: Our bill came up to AUD 105. The sticks are about AUD 5-8 each. Some come in a pair. The Sashimi was only AUD 11. I would say the price is slightly on a high side...cause of the portions. The drinks are alright. The food gets cold fast. It's winter anyway. I hope they will improve their service as time goes by. The waitresses are a bit 'fresh'. Place is a bit dark too.

Salmon Sashimi - Nothing out of the ordinary.

Takoyaki - Seemed to be lacking in octopus filling. 

Our Yakitori

Bacon and Asparagus - Simple dish and something I can make. But the bacon was cooked well.
Mince Chicken - I wrongly ordered this and I don't like it. It's kinda dry inside and its mince.
Beef ribs - Quite good
Wagyu - Tender and juicy
Nasu Dengaku -  Kinda cute being on a stick but it spurts oil/water when you press it. Like a lotttt

Okonomiyaki - on a stick. This was not bad. I like it alot.

Sashimi Salmon plate no.2 - As you can see, we have an extra piece of Salmon. The slices are way larger than the first plate we got. So you be the judge. I hope they were being nice.

If you are a fan of unhealthy food....grilled chicken skin is a must try. I kid you not. I had the chicken skin image on my mind for a few days and the taste lingered...oh chicken skin.

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