Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gami @ Lonsdale St

If you're looking for something different and a great place to have a few drinks and catch up with your friends, Gami might be a good place to try out.

The food selection is easy and great tasting. (Although sometimes saltier than other days). Been here about 5 times now, and been to both branches.

Deep Fried Gami Chicken is the way to go and you can choose from the sauces, either spicy or sweet, and try the normal one too. Personally I like the sweet and spicy ones cause the normal ones are just a bit too dry to my liking.

They have the Gami Beer - brewed by them. Really cheap about 8 bucks a jug. Cheap enough to keep everyone happy and jolly =P

After your meal, you will need to drink heaps of water before you get a sore throat.

Start with Kimchi Pancake. One of the good ones you can find in Melbourne. I like the crispy side bits. (Not for the Anti-Oil people)

Kimchi soup with seafood, veges and some glass noodles. Really good and spicy!!! Good for winter!

Salad with loads of sauce, comes together with the Gami Chicken.

The famous Gami Fried Chicken!!! Chicken skin....yummy!!!

My favourite Pear drink with real pear bits in it. But you can get it at the chinese grocer for like $1.20 for 2.

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